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Hunza Culture dress
Hunza people wear unique dress In Pakistan. in old days they wear (Tawchin) means socks which is made from leather ( shoka) jacket which is made from wool (kupaltine) Pajamas which is also made from sheep wool and (Kurdi) made also from Sheep wool . In the above picture the girl is wearing the marriage dress  . Hunza hat is particular unique all of women wear this cap and men also wear a cap which is different from women cap


Hunza culture is still alive and people of Hunza isolate the culture even today . Hunza culture is a unique in Pakistan these people lives  between the narrow mountains of Karakorum range . Humans of Hunza also called white skinned people because there color is unique from Asian people . these people are very broad minded people the literacy  rate is above than 95% . the people of Hunza are very humble and peaceful people and they are famous for there hospitality  . Humans of Hunza live long than 95 to 120 years the secret behind there health is Hunza food it is also a unique food.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why humans of Hunza live long ?  most of people are really amazed by this question .
well humans of Hunza eat simple and pure food like Fiitti which is made from flour and Water . Hunza butter is also famous around the world . in Breakfast most of people eat above things like fitti , tea, egg is eat very rarely and Butter daily .


Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority
                                                        Seen at Karimabad Hunza
                                             Ever shine football club Aliabad Hunza Players

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Mohd Karim Receiving HPL cup 2012